A Visit to Washington DC

In August, Nan and PJ took Ella on a trip to Washington DC. It was her first visit there and she really enjoyed the City, Smithsonian and a side trip down to Williamsburg, VA.

Every day we came home to our hotel very tired and with sore feet, but were able to recover and head on out the next day for more exploration. Ella became quite proficient with finding the subway stations and getting to and from the correct platforms.

At the Wax Museum, Ella met with George W Bush, EllaGDub


and with Barrack and Michelle OBama.EllaObama

I am sure they were equally pleased to meet her.

On our second day, we were able to do a self guided tour of the White House. This was a highlight and Ella was intrigued by the featured rooms we were able to visit. There was a lot of history in each room.

One evening we took a night tour on the bus of the city sights. Sadly, we chose the wrong night as we ended up soaking wet form a heavy rainstorm and stranded because the bus broke down. A replacement bus finally collected us from the Lincoln Memorial, and given our drenched state, the obliging bus driver willingly dropped us off at the front door of our hotel instead of back at Union Station, which was about a half mile walk from our hotel.

Then on to historic Williamsburg, VA. The drive down Interstate 95 was very slow. Traffic was just too much for the highway. Something needs to be done to prevent the congestion on that highway.

We visited the yard where they make the bricks at Williamsburg. Ella and PJ helped by treading some of the raw clay with our bare feet. It was awsome.


Can I show the video of this mud-walk?

[vimeo clip_id=”57263084″]

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