Australia Global Warming

Well, the evidence is all out there, and now we get to find out all the  reasons .

One reason is that Australia is moving, and it is moving closer to the Equator. That means hotter.

The year 2018 was the third hottest year (on record).

The movement has averaged  2.7 inches per year. This comes from the National Geographic Society HERE.  They got the information based on continental drift which is sourced from GPS Satellite data.  To remain accurate, the GPS settings are reset every few years. The last adjustment there, in 1994, was about 656 feet. Wow!

The report has me thinking though, as the orbiting satellites are racing around the planet, on the move themselves all the time, how do we know that we can rely upon them for accurate positioning?  Keeping tabs on the satellites must be like herding cats. And then basing Earth based positioning on these free ranging cats, seems a little dubious to me.

Ah, the experts will tell you that they  “know exactly the position and path of the satellites, based on navigation by the stars.”

What? Now tell me that stars are not moving. “Sorry, the Stars are moving, but we know their motion also”

So does Australia really drift northward at 2.7 inches per year?

Anyway, science has shown that global climate change is upon us.

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