China Trip 2015

We toured China for two weeks in October 2015. It was a fantastic experience.


Flight on China Southern took us from Australia to Guangzhou (A), and then on to Beijing (B) . We had a few nights in Beijing, then on to Xian (C) for three nights. Next we flew to Guilin (D) and bus up to Longji Rice fields (E). One night at lodge in Ping’An at Longji area, then back to Guilin. Then two hour flight to Shanghai (F) and one night in hotel, then by bus for one night at Suzhou (G) and bus to Hangzhou (H) for two nights, before one final night back at Shanghai. Then back to Australia.

The tour was organised by Travel Of Asia. ( ). Tour guides, Bus Drivers and Hotels all scored 10/10 by us. The food was a little disapointing as there was very little meat and not much variety between areas. That said, we did have some great meals, in particular at Ping’An. We also greatly enjoyed the dumplings.

Some of the things we saw were: Tianamin Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Museum, Great Wall, Teracotta Warriors, Bullet Train, Longji Rice Terraces, Silk Factory, Jade Museum, Tea Plantation, Traffic, People, Markets, Canals, Rivers, Smog, Local Dances and Costumes.

There was a lot of walking, so we kept fit.


On the Great Wall of China.


Just before Sunrise at Ping’An


Bridge across creek on way up to Ping’An.


At Ping’An village.


Shopping final day in Shanghai.


At speed 430 km/h on MagLev train.

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