John Griffiths

John's Backstory

I now live in a coastal suburb of Brisbane, Australia. But I grew up in Perth, in Western Australia. The move to Queensland happened in 2012.

After high school, I attended university, but did not fully apply myself. After a year of university at the University of WA studying Engineering, I commenced work in an Australian bank.

I worked in that bank for over 22 years before commencing university again (Edith Cowan University, WA) with a more mature attitude. This time I graduated and was in my mid-forties. I then left the bank job, and commenced lecturing at that university and at TAFE WA. This lasted a few years and was not very fulfilling.

I next worked as a programmer in a company I founded, programming business software for over thirty years. Most of my development was targeted at computers running Microsoft operating systems.  And yes, the first systems were for MS-DOS based PCs as Windows was not around at the time.

Initially I was using a language called Clipper, and it was very database orientated. From there I moved on to Clarion for DOS and subsequently Clarion for Windows. In the year 2000 I was contracted by a Texas based company to convert and enhance some old software they had, to move it to Windows and with their data migrated to Microsoft SQL. That was a huge project and was successfully completed in mid 2001.

Now, after 30+ years programming I am retired. I do a small amount of consulting to the company which bought all my clients and source code.

But new projects and ideas keep coming at me.

I am married to my lovely wife Candace. We have family in USA and in Australia. Our two favourite family members are a granddaughter Ella born in 2005. Ella lives in Texas, USA and our other favourite is Leo, our grandson born in 2013 who lives in Queensland, Australia.

by  John Griffiths