Terabyte is Here

A few weeks ago I ordered an external USB 1 Tb hard drive. This was to replace a 250Gb drive that I use for one of my backup regimes.

It costs less than US$90 and seems a little quicker than my older 250Gb USB drive. This is probably because it is 7,200 RPM in lieu of 5,400 RPM. And I think it has more internal cache memory.

I did not really need the extra room, but perhaps I will one day… The price was right, so why not have more free space available for backups.

Specs of the new drive are: SimpleDrive 1Tb Hitachi HDD.


Whilst on the subject of backups – I have recently trialed a few simple backup tools that let me schedule backups to remote FTP sites. I like “Backup4All-Pro”

If you are looking for off-site backup space, you may look at DriveHQ


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