At Texas Formula 1

We drove down to Austin Texas whilst we were temporarily in Fort Worth Texas and went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

As an Aussie, I was rooting for Mark Webber and managed to capture a shot of him before his retirement from the race. Not an easy task to get a good photo as he was going past at about 180MPH through the esses…

USA GP 2012

Mark Webber Austin Texas 2012


The new track was very good for drivers, but crowd facilities were a little lacking and under-designed for the crowd of 120,000 on race day.

To cross the track via the overhead walkways was a nightmare on both practice days and race day. Bridges were about 16ft wide and expected to cope with 100,000 people.

The shuttle bus system was well planned and executed apart from the 1+ mile hike through the woods to get from their drop-off point to the track main entrance. Lucky it was not raining.

Overall, a great weekend in Austin.


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