In Covid-19 Hibernation

Tough Times

We are all living in tough times in 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

As staying in has been the instruction from our governments, it has been necessary to adopt a new outlook on live and living.

No more enjoying any travel in retirement

No more dining out at restaurants

No more gathering and meeting with friends

All finances shot to ruins (well, nearly)


Lifestyle Change

So yes, we are all forced to change our lifestyle to some extent.  How long this is for, no one really knows yet.

This has led to much more internet usage.  Now we watch a lot more on Netflix, Stan, CuriosityStream and YouTube.

I have also been doing some online training courses via Udemy.

Also I have been exploring more options in the way I have developed some WordPress based web sites.  I even managed to set a site up on a small cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server). That took up most of a day with me making several errors in the setup of the Ubuntu operating system, the control panel (Webmin) and then the manual install of WordPress.  The site uses a throw away domain name and does not much at all, but does work. I will use it for further training and experimenting.


Here is a screenshot proving it worked.

Not much to see really.

Testing Bits Site


Terabyte is Here

A few weeks ago I ordered an external USB 1 Tb hard drive. This was to replace a 250Gb drive that I use for one of my backup regimes.

It costs less than US$90 and seems a little quicker than my older 250Gb USB drive. This is probably because it is 7,200 RPM in lieu of 5,400 RPM. And I think it has more internal cache memory.

I did not really need the extra room, but perhaps I will one day… The price was right, so why not have more free space available for backups.

Specs of the new drive are: SimpleDrive 1Tb Hitachi HDD.


Whilst on the subject of backups – I have recently trialed a few simple backup tools that let me schedule backups to remote FTP sites. I like “Backup4All-Pro”

If you are looking for off-site backup space, you may look at DriveHQ