The DAKAR 2009

One of the things I enjoy after hours is keeping up with “The Dakar“. For the past fifteen years or so, I have thought that if I could afford it, I would charter a chopper and follow “The Dakar” across North Africa. The scenery shown on the TV coverage has been magnificent.

Last year I was very disappointed that the race was cancelled due to political turmoil in the race route countries.

But This year, the race organisers have made a very brave decision, to move the race, even to a new Continent!

What was North Africa is now South America, in particular, Argentina and Chile.

I have been following the race this year with much interest and (initially) doubt. But the route selected this year has amazed me thus far. It has made me want to visit Argentina and Chile to see some of the landscape with my own eyes. Just as I wanted to visit North Africa.

Valparaiso Chile looks very inviting! Who Knows?
I know that Qantas (my favourite airline) flies to Santago, which is close to the beautiful coastal city of Valparaiso. Perhaps one day ….

In the meantime, around here, life stops when the daily Dakar highlights are on TV. I even set an alarm so as not to miss the show!

Recommended viewing for Rev Heads!


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